About LCC-Plafonds

Customer first

This is always our point of departure and can be observed in the service we provide. LCC-Plafonds takes a solution-orientated approach in consultation with you. Together we take a look at your project and help you to choose the right solution. Speed of delivery and flexibility in design are also central to the service-minded approach of LCC-Plafonds.

Vision in ceilings

When designing our ceilings, we start from your needs and expectations. Looking for an easy-to-install ceiling? Or a ceiling with impressive acoustic absorption? Need an exterior ceiling that can cope whatever the weather? For all these specific needs and more, LCC-Plafonds has the solution.

Belgian, sustainable quality product

Our steel ceiling panels are made from eco-friendly, sustainable material that is recyclable to a very large extent. The separation between raw material and installation is limited to the absolute minimum. What's more, LCC-Plafonds uses its own green energy in production and only makes to order, meaning we create hardly any waste.

Family company with an international presence

LCC-Plafonds is the production and distribution unit of Interalu. Interalu – LCC-Plafonds is 100% a family company with engaged employees and an international presence. In addition to the headquarters in Antwerp, the group has locations in Luxembourg, the Netherlands and France.