Ceilings, floors, walls ... a lot is expected of you as an (interior) architect. LCC-Plafonds does one thing very well: metal ceilings. You can come to us with any questions you have in this area. And we'll be glad to help, throughout your project. From the design phase to the implementation and beyond.


Metal ceilings from LCC-Plafonds can be divided into three main groups:

  1. CL ceilings
  2. BL Ceilings
  3. XL Ceilings

Each has its own characteristics and flexibility. You can feel free to design your building the way you want it to be, with all the creativity you can throw at it. An LCC Ceiling fits in every space: round, square, rectangular and everything in between.

Contemporary design for new developments and renovations

The BL ceiling is a linear ceiling with open joints. The appearance of the ceiling varies according to the breadth of the panels. A BL 80-20, for example has a retro look while a BL H30-20 has a more modern, sleek design.

The CL and XL ceilings, consisting of broader panels, present as a more uniform whole.  Read our testimonials for some examples of the different ceilings.

The BL and CL ceilings have a very low installation height (from 5 cm), making them suitable for renovation projects.

Acoustic advantage

Are good acoustics important to your project? Then you want a CL or XL ceiling with perforated finish. These ceilings achieve up to aw 0.95! A world of difference in conference rooms, open-plan offices, classrooms and other spaces where intelligibility is crucial. Good acoustics also make a great difference for people with impaired hearing. Not to mention teachers who would otherwise have to raise their voices to make themselves heard clearly in a classroom or auditorium setting.

Steel or aluminium

LCC-Plafonds produces both steel and aluminium ceilings. It's primarily the application that determines which finish is best suited for your project. Standard steel ceilings are suitable for all interior spaces. Aluminium is used for outdoor applications and moist environments (car ports, canopies, toilets, awnings, etc.). Do you require a fire-safe solution for your project? This is also possible. Then you need our steel ceiling with DuplexCoat.


All steel ceilings from LCC-Plafonds are fire-safe. They are tested by WarringtonFire in Ghent, Global Safety, in line with the NBN 713.020 standard.