Linear panels open joints

The BL ceiling consists of linear panels with open joints that you can install across the full surface of the ceiling or in an island configuration. The BL range offers seven different types of panel in four different variations.


General info

Sectors: office and industrial development, retail, education, transport, etc.

Applications: open-plan offices, modular offices, conference rooms, sanitary facilities, showrooms, shops, fitting rooms, classrooms, departures and arrivals halls, lounges, etc.

Conceptual freedom

Thanks to the broad range of BL ceiling panels available, the possibilities for their application are endless. The BL ceiling offers the right solution for every variant. The BL ceiling is also very well suited for renovation projects when used in an island configuration.


When the acoustics of the space are critical, opt for sound-isolating blankets between the supporting profiles. The perforated variant of the panels has equally good acoustic properties.

A smooth ceiling every time

The supporting profiles of the BL ceiling are mounted to the structural ceiling with adjustable, quick-fit hangers. Any unevenness can therefore be corrected to create a smooth, level ceiling.

Technical info

  • Variation: 50, 100, 150, 200 mm
  • Panel types (panel width, joint spacing): BL 30-20, BL H30-20, BL 80-20, BL 85-15, BL 130-20, BL 180-20
  • Panel thickness: 0.4-0.6 mm, depending on the type and material (steel or aluminium).
  • Degree of perforation: Ø 2 mm, open area 16%,
  • Microperfo: Ø 1 mm, open area 20% only for type BL H30-20



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