Linear ceiling

The CL ceiling consists of linear panels with closed joints. The CL ceiling is suitable for modular and non-modular spaces as well as in an island configuration.

General info

Sectors: healthcare, offices, industry, education, government, sports facilities, transport sector...

Applications: auditoria, cafeterias, car ports, awnings, canopies, halls, offices (open-plan and modular), classrooms, laboratories, public service offices, operation theatres, restaurants, sports halls, sanitary facilities, utility buildings, conference rooms, departures and arrivals halls, shops, shopping centres, etc.

Versatile ceiling

The CL ceiling is an extremely versatile ceiling suitable for many different applications. For a fire-safe ceiling, opt for the steel version. For exterior ceilings or ceilings in moist environments, choose the aluminium version or steel with DuplexCoat® (CL 75).

Acoustic comfort

Good acoustics are very important in spaces where numerous people will congregate and where intelligibility of speech is important. Examples include offices, classrooms, meeting rooms, auditoria, sports facilities, etc.

The perforated-finish version of the CL ceiling with built-in acoustic isolation has an acoustic value of no less than 0.9 αW.

Flexibility and aesthetics

The CL ceiling is very flexible. Its panels are available in six different widths that all fit on the same mounting. The length of the panels (up to 8.5 m) is easily to adapt to your space, even if it is an irregular shape. This means your ceiling is guaranteed a smooth finish.

Technical info

  • Variation: 75 - 250 mm
  • Panel widths: 75, 100, 150, 200, 225, 250 mm
  • No joint spacing
  • Height: 50 mm
  • Degree of perforation: Ø 2 mm: 16%
  • Choose 'non-perfo', 'perfo' or 'full-perfo'.
  • CL 225 also available with NanoPerfo technology.


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