For you as an engineer, everything is about the possibilities and capacities offered by your materials and products. Whatever your question relating to ceilings, we are happy to provide the answer and look for the most suitable solution in consultation with you.


To raise the intelligibility of a space, you should opt for a metal ceiling with a perforated finish, in combination with a sound-absorbent fleece and/or acoustic blanket. This offers a great advantage in halls, schools and conference rooms. In order to dampen sound in corridors and adjoining spaces, consider the addition of acoustic barriers. Customised acoustics make a significant contribution to the comfort of a space.

Light reflection

Good light reflection in a ceiling is of great importance in office buildings in particular. It not only increases the concentration of your employees, but also saves on energy, purchasing and maintenance costs. Good light reflection is also necessary to achieve certain sustainability or passive standards (BREEAM, EBP). Non-perforated panels from LCC-Plafonds are up to 84% light-reflective.

Excellent acoustics and high light reflectivity: NanoPerfo®

LCC-Plafonds offers different ceiling systems with NanoPerfo® technology. The 0.8 mm perforation has a light reflectivity of over 80% while maintaining excellent acoustic absorption and fire safety. Read more about NanoPerfo.

DuplexCoat® – solution for moist or corrosion-sensitive environments

LCC-Plafonds has developed ceiling systems with a DuplexCoat® finish especially for moist and corrosion-sensitive spaces. These sustainable ceilings made of galvanised steel are finished with a 50m layer of lacquer consisting of a primer and a finishing layer of polyurethane with polyamide particles. This procedure, in combination with the galvanised layer, protects the ceiling and mounting structure against moisture and corrosion. Read more about DuplexCoat.

Integrated technologies

One of the main advantages of metal ceilings from LCC-Plafonds is that different technologies (lighting, ventilation) are easily integrated. The ceilings are also very easy to disassemble, making the relevant equipment easily accessible.

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All steel ceilings from LCC-Plafonds are fire-safe. They are tested by WarringtonFire in Ghent, Global Safety, in line with the NBN 713.020 standard.

Research and Development

Our research department regularly works together with specialised research centres and consultancies, such as the University of Ghent for fire safety and Peutz consultancy (NL) for acoustics.