Foreman - owner - renter

Long lifespan

Building or renovating a building as an owner or renter? A property with sustainable materials is always a wise choice. Working with LCC-Plafonds ensures an exceptionally long lifespan for your ceiling.


Metal ceilings from LCC-Plafonds can be maintained with simple cleaning agents. You won't need any special maintenance products or accessories. Their high-quality polyester coating adheres excellently, so you don't have to repaint them.  LCC ceilings will easily withstand thirty years or more of use.


By opting for a perforated metal ceiling in combination with a sound-absorbent fleece and/or acoustic blanket, you stand to increase the intelligibility in a space enormously. Unsurprisingly, this is often the choice made for auditoria, schools and conference rooms. In order to dampen sound in corridors and adjoining spaces, consider the addition of acoustic barriers. Customised acoustics make a significant contribution to the level of comfort experienced in a space.


Does your building need to meet specific sustainability standards (BREEAM, EBP, etc.)? Then an LCC ceiling is an excellent investment. Steel is a sustainable product. Depending on the type and material, your LCC ceiling can offer a high light reflectivity (in turn requiring less artificial light and less energy use). The long lifespan of LCC ceilings also contributes to a better score when it comes to building standards.

Green production process

LCC-Plafonds uses its own green energy in the production process and its panels are made from an eco-friendly, sustainable material that is largely recyclable.  The separation between raw material and installation is limited to the absolute minimum. What's more, LCC-Plafonds only works to order, which means waste is also limited.