Cassettes, expanded metal, grid ceiling

The SQ ceiling is mostly designed T-structure applications. It is the go-to solution for the replacement of ceiling tiles in existing structures, e.g. type T15 and T24.

LCC-Plafonds does not produce SQ ceilings itself but works together with trusted partners. Thanks to a long and fruitful partnership lasting years, we are now able to offer you these ceilings with great benefits.

The SQ ceiling can be applied in shopping arcades, company buildings, offices, conference rooms, public spaces, hospitals, shops, warehouses, etc.

General info

The metal tiles are available in different module sizes. The most commonly used are 600 x 600 and 1,200 x 600 mm.

LCC-Plafonds offers the following options:

  • Cassettes
  • Expanded metal
  • Grid ceilings


The metal cassettes are made of steel and come in four different types:

  1. Clip-in
  2. Lay-on
  3. Lay-in flush
  4. Lay-in tegular

The clip-in type is mounted on a clip-in structure. The other three types rest on a T-structure.

The different cassettes are available in the following versions:

  • full
  • perforated
  • perforated with acoustic fleece

Expanded metal

The steel ceiling tiles in expanded metal are installed in a visible mounting construction that consists of T15 and T24 profiles. There are two types:

  1. Lay-on (600 x 600mm fire-safe)
  2. Lay-in

Grid ceilings

Grid ceilings are made of anodised or pre-lacquered aluminium. They are used:

  • in spaces where a large open area is important;
  • to hide the structural ceiling and concealed equipment from view;
  • to create interesting light and shadow effects with the use of lighting installed above the ceiling.

Technical info


Depending on the type, material and mounting, SQ ceilings are fire-safe.


The acoustic value of SQ ceilings differs per type and can be increased with absorbent blankets.



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