Fire-safe ceiling, resistant to moisture and corrosion

LCC-Plafonds produces ceiling systems with DuplexCoat®, especially for moist and corrosion-sensitive environments. Labs, swimming pools, sanitary areas and outdoor applications such as awnings, covered terraces and bicycle parking, for example.

General information

Sports ceiling – ball-proof

The BL H30-20 Highline ceiling, made of steel, is available in a ball-proof version (sports ceiling). The ball-proofing has been tested by the University of Stuttgart and has received a Class 1A rating. This is an important feature for sports halls, indoor playgrounds, swimming pools and other places designed for use by playing children and/or athletes.

Technical data

Types of ceiling with DuplexCoat®

DuplexCoat is available for the following types of ceiling: CL 75, BL H30-20 Highline and BL 80-20.

These ceiling panels are manufactured by LCC-Plafonds (rolling form technology) from pre-lacquered steel strips. Both sides are finished with a 275 g/m2 layer of zinc and a 50µm layer of polyurethane lacquer.

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