How 0.8 mm can make all the difference

At the request of architects and developers who want to meet the various sustainability standards (BREEAM, EPB, etc.), LCC-Plafonds has designed metal, linear ceiling panels with nanoperforation technology. The NanoPerfo® (0.8 mm) offers the best of both worlds: optimal light reflection as well as excellent acoustic absorption. Two factors that are important for different reasons. LCC ceilings with NanoPerfo® serve projects that strive for sustainability, comfort and energy-efficiency.

General information

Optimal light reflection, high acoustic absorption

Thanks to a light reflectivity of over 80%, you require less artificial light and in turn save on energy: less electricity, less lighting, less maintenance.

This acoustic absorption (0.75aw) makes a significant contribution to the atmosphere of a space. The ceiling absorbs reverberating sound, which makes echoes a thing of the past. In open-plan offices, conference rooms, auditoria, classrooms and other spaces where lots of people congregate, this is an important factor. The less sound interference, the better the intelligibility of the speaker(s), the better the concentration of the listeners.

As a plus, ceilings with NanoPerfo® technology are sleek and tidy in appearance.


Technical data

Types of NanoPerfo® ceilings

NanoPerfo® technology is available for the following types of ceiling: CL 150, CL 200, CL 225 and XL 300. These ceiling panels are manufactured by LCC-Plafonds (roll forming technology) from a high-quality steel alloy (Fe P02 GZ 100S).

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