Broad, linear panels

The XL ceiling consists of broad, linear panels that you can install across the entire surface area of the ceiling or in an island configuration.

General info

Sectors: office and industrial development, healthcare, education, transport, etc.

Applications: open-plan offices, modular offices, corridors, conference rooms, sanitary facilities, showrooms, shops, fitting rooms, (wide) hospital corridors, operation theatres, cafeterias, laboratories, classrooms, auditoria, cantinas, dining rooms, departures and arrivals halls, lounges, etc.

Conceptual freedom

With XL ceiling panels, you are completely free to develop your concept as you wish. LCC-Plafonds takes your overall design into account, starting from the development phase. We'll help you find the right solution every time. The XL ceiling gives your space a contemporary look and feel, sleek and peaceful and completely in line with the result you had in mind.


Technical info

Exceptionally high acoustic comfort

In terms of acoustics, the XL ceiling offers exceptionally good absorption values: αW 0.95!


The XL ceiling lends itself to diverse applications and functionalities. There is a wide choice in terms of mounting systems and possibilities for self-supported constructions and support applications. With the XL ceiling you can also opt for easily removable panels (e.g. if you often need to access the concealed equipment). Lighting, sprinklers, smoke detectors, etc. can therefore be built in seamlessly.



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